Dumpster Diving, Painting, Drawing

Neshaminy Manor--House Project:   pencil and watercolor house and surroundings with construction paper shutters and door; scenes and/or words  inside

Neshaminy Manor--Dove Project:  watercolor and colored pencil background; dove cut with stencil from old magazines, wrapping paper, calendars, etc.

Children's Museum of the Arts--Upcycled Portraits:  used school folders; throwaway found objects

Centennial Place--Personalized Inspiration Mandala Collages:  magazines and patterned paper inside used business envelopes

Children's Museum of the Arts--Mission to Space gallery exhibit-related project:  watercolor paper rockets designed with cray-pas, tape and bleeding tissue paper

Neshaminy Manor--Eye Project:  eye painted in acrylic on paper; students provided with Magritte's  "The False Mirror" and other examples to inspire experimentation with color

Student Samples - click to enlarge and see captions

Children's Museum of the Arts -  Mission to Space gallery exhibit-related project:  suitcases for outer space!  manilla folders designed with sketches of gallery artwork, enclosed with 3-D multi-media representations of equipment for space

Children's Museum of the Arts - Mission to Space gallery exhibit-related project:  H-helmets designed with cray-pas, bleeding tissue paper, markers, crayons, colorful papers and tapes, cellophane


Centennial Place, Pasadena, CA, 2018

     One-day upcycled personalized inspiration mandala workshop

Children's Museum of the Arts, New York (Greenwich Village), NY, 2016

     Teaching Artist Intern for school visits and public hours

Arts for All, New York (West Harlem), NY 2016

     Assistant to Teaching Artists in Literacy through the Arts Program, grades K-1

Arts for the Manor, Neshaminy Manor Home, Bucks County, PA, 2015-16

     Lead Teaching Artist for weekly visual art program serving 30+ senior adults